Take-off for Moscow via Dubai

It is going to be a long flight but hopefully flying business class will make it less painful.


The countdown to this day has gone extremely quickly. Glenda and I will be on the Emirates flight departing 18:40 going via Dubai to Moscow. 


Suitcase packed..unpacked and packed again.  Guess I don’t need much.


The hospital has arranged the airport to hospital transfer and the driver will then take Glenda on to her hotel. 

Snacks, Dettol wipes, face masks, etc all packed

Fergus the porter

See you on the flip side

The family came to the airport to say goodbye. Luke was at his first school camp so wasn’t there but I had said cheers to him before he left. I wasn’t looking forward to saying goodbye but managed to sort of control the tears. Lexi was a bit concerned and asked “why you crying granny.” We didn’t hang around for fear that I embarrass myself (and them) and was whisked through customs and passport control and taken straight to the plane. Managed to get about 2 hours sleep on the flight to Dubai. 

My daughter Jacky taking her nephew Remy for a ride

And we are off....