Arriving in Moscow

No wheelchair for me when we got off the plane so we slowly followed the masses through passport control. Was pretty easy and no big hassle. Cases already on the conveyor and a kind young man helped me take them off. Glenda had her bag searched by customs and then out into the crowd waiting to welcome the hordes of soccer fans.  No Leanne Lockhart sign 😳 but about 5 minutes later it appeared.  Lots of traffic, big trucks, quite a few accidents, but an uneventful drive to the hospital.  Impressed with the condition of the roads and cleanliness of the streets. 

First view of the hospital


As the doors of the lift opened the legendary Dr Fedorenko was there to welcome us. What an amazing man so brilliant yet so humble. Shortly thereafter the beautiful Anastasia arrived to show me to my room. 

My name and details on the door

Room 315 is in the transplant section so I won’t have to move when it comes time to go into isolation.


The room is fairly spacious equipped with all you need...except windows that don’t open (for obvious reasons) so no fresh air unless I take a walk in the gardens.

Tour of Room 315

All carers need to get togged up whenever they come to visit. 

"Doc" Glenda - looking very sharp in her ‘get-up’

Stem Cell Birthday Party

Attended my first stem cell party. This party is held for the patients who received their stem cells that afternoon. Yesterday 6 stem cell transplantation were done but only 4 of the 6 were feeling well enough to attend. Dr Federinko gave a speech and the 4 were given a badge with an iris on symboling a new life, a new beginning. This is your 2nd birthday. After being presented with the badge each of the patients gets to tip out a bit of the dry ice in which their stem cells were stored.

The Thumb

First bit of medical attention received involved my thumb 😳  I got stung by a bee as I was leaving for the airport...Murphy’s Law ? It’s very swollen and throbbing like hell. Treatment that the nurse called “compression” was applied and left on for 30 minutes followed by an anti-inflammatory and an antihistamine.

Debbie Jacobs loves the knot tied on the side 🤨


Before the actual treatment commences you undergo a vast number of tests to ensure that your body will withstand what it will be put through.


First test was done today - ECG. Not the normal ECG equipped I am used to. Clamps, similar to the clamps put onto a car battery, but obviously only larger, were clamped onto both ankles and wrists. What looked like ‘bobbles’  were suctioned to my chest. Once the test was complete the ‘bobbles’ who pulled off in one fowl sweep.. I am sure the tip-top half of my body lifted a few cm’s off the bed 😂


After the antihistamine and anti inflammatory pills I called it a night at about 10pm...  30 minutes after sunset. 😳



ECG Machine