Morning News

Had a good nights sleep and woke just before 7. Showered and got dressed - ready for a new day.


Breakfast arrived at the same time as the nurse to take me for more tests:


✅ Scan of heart

✅ Scan of veins in both legs


Got back to the room and Glenda had arrived looking very professional in her blue paper outfit.


Thought I would be allowed to go sightseeing today but was told this is only possible tomorrow after 12.  I was allowed to take a stroll through the hospital gardens.


The hospital complex is enormous and is a goverment teaching hospital.


We had a coffee at the cafeteria where the staff eat....made out as if we were locals.

I am in Building 1

Little chapel on the hospital grounds

Glenda squeezing in amongst the plants

Afternoon News

Had a meeting with Dr N Faddeev (Dr N) who works together with Dr Fedorenko (Dr F). 


He asked about when I was diagnosed, my symptoms, problems etc.


He then went through all the test results. All good except for cysts on my kidneys and my cholesterol ratios not being good. He then discussed the MRI results - more than 20 lesions on the brain - no lesions currently active, i.e.  I am not having a relapse at the moment. No lesions on my spine but they picked up a few compressed discs.  


They make their decision to proceed with the treatment based on your test results, your EDDS, the probable progression based on location of lesions, etc.




He then explained the HSCT procedure, what they do, the side effects etc.  I was given a form to sign basically stating that everything was explained to me, that I was allowed to ask questions and give permission for other doctors to be allowed to perform medical care in the event of something going not according to plan. Form has been signed.


Tomorrow the action starts.  Anastasia suggested that Glenda and I go out for dinner and gave us directions to a Resturant close to the hospital. Celebrated the next step on this journey with a Pina Colada, an average chicken dish followed by a delicious dessert. Glenda walked me back to the hospital before catching her tram to her hotel. 20:45 and still light outside. 

Yummy pina colada