1st day of Stem Cell Stimulation


Slept okay for about 2 hours 😳 didn’t want to ring for a sleeping pill as I don’t know what they will give and how I will react.... want to enjoy my sightseeing and shopping today.


Antacid pill down the latch .... now waiting for 1st breakfast.


1st breakfast you may ask... yes you get 2 breakfasts..

1st breakfast at 8:30

2nd breakfast at 12

Lunch at 2

Dinner at 6


Today I will only have the 1st breakfast as I hope to try out some good food on our sightseeing and shopping trip this afternoon.


I might have mentioned this before so please excuse the brain fog.... the food here  is very different and the food group combinations on the plate are not what we are used to. However, they say that the food we are given is balanced for the treatment we are undergoing so suck it up Leanne, add some salt and down the hatch.  I might add that the message about me not eating meat doesn’t seem to have filtered down to the kitchen staff as most plates have something resembling a piece of meat.

My veins do not play ball when it comes to needles. The poor nurse gave up and sent for reinforcements. After 3 veins collapsed we finally had action. Took slightly longer than the 20-40 minutes to infuse as they were scared to open the valve fully in case the vein callapsed. 


Tour of Moscow

Went on a whirlwind tour of Moscow this afternoon. What a beautiful clean city. The architecture is stunning...did you know that 99.99% of the people in Moscow live in apartments?  The city is buzzing with soccer fans singing, shopping, strolling around and generally having a great time. 


Had lunch at a Ukrainian Resturant and was taught how to drink vodka Russian style. 

1st Stem Cell Stimulation Injection

First G-CSF stimulation injection was given subcutaneously at 11pm.  I will get another at 3am.


G-CSF stands for Biosimilar granulocyte colony-stimulating factors.  (10 ug/kg (5 days) in combination with Methylprednisolone 500mg/d I.v. (5 days)).


How G-CSF works:

Growth factors are proteins made in the body. Some of them make the bone marrow produce blood cells. G-CSF is a type of growth factor that makes the stem cells move from the bone marrow into the blood. Stem cells are the cells in the bone marrow that make red blood cells, white cells and platelets.


Before a stem cell transplant, you have G-CSF to stimulate the bone marrow to produce stem cells and release them into the blood. The stem cells are collected and then you have high dose chemotherapy.


The high dose chemotherapy stops your bone marrow producing blood cells. On transfusion the stem cells are put back into your bloodstream from where they go into the bone marrow and start making the different types of blood cells again. After chemotherapy the white blood cells which fight infection are called neutrophils. When your body is low in white blood cells you are neutropenic and need to be kept in isolation and free from infection.