2nd Day of Stem Cell Stimulation

Woke about 5 minutes before the nurse came in to administer the 2nd stem cell stimulation injection at 3am. Went back to sleep fairly easily and was up at 7.


Pretty uneventful day. 


✅ 3am injection

✅ pill 30 minutes before dinner

✅ steroids - after numerous veins collapsed we had take off —— arms looking like those of a junkie 

✅ pill 30 minutes before dinner

✅ 3rd stem cell stimulation injection





After the steriod infusion Glenda and I took a stroll to the local supermarket where I bought myself a delicious punnet of cherries.  


Spent the afternoon watching Netflix.

Downloaded Netflix so Glenda and I could watch some movies. 


Took a slow stroll up the road to the cafe and bought a punnet of yummy cherries so had some for dessert.


Big day tomorrow so I’ll end off now  - thanks once again for all the support.

Had some fresh yummy cherries for dessert