3rd Day of Stem Cell Stimulation

G-CSF injection at 3am and managed to go back to sleep until 6.


This morning I had my first catheter neck line inserted ... proudly known by the patients as their ‘bling bling’. I had in my mind that I would be given a sedative but when I asked I was told that I was doing so well it wasn’t necessary. So with my ‘big girl panties on’ I lay completely still, breathing normally and not talking while the procedure was carried out.  A bit of a string in the neck (reminded me of my bee sting on my thumb 😳) and then some with some pushing and a lot of Russian conversation it was all finished... less than 5 minutes.

My ‘bling bling’

My rather shakey report back on the neck line insertion

Steroid infusion through ‘bling bling’

Things are starting to happen!

A bit of hip and back pain plus when the local anesthetic wore off my neck was also a bit sore so I asked for pain meds. While waiting for them to work, we went for a stroll in the garden and met some patients who are just out of isolation and all smiles as they are heading home this week.


I napped for about 3 hours this afternoon while Glenda watched movies. So great to have her with me to chat to, laugh with, get encouragement from and to joke together at some of the not so jokeable moments.


3rd lot of G-CSF injections

Waiting for my 11pm injection and I will be asking for some pain meds and sleeping pills. No use trying to be tough when there are meds to ease you through the process.