2nd Day of Stem Cell Harvest

6:45 and all hooked up to the machine - more anti-coagulant added to prevent clotting. Let’s all hold thumbs. 12:45 disconnected from machine.......a few hours later, YAY, we have lift off more stem cells than needed collected. (Haemonetics MCD+ multicomponent collection system (2 aphaeresis - 2,14 x 10 6 CD34+ (stem) cells/kg collected).

Stem Cell Collection (Aphetesis) Machine

My Stem Cells

Removal of ‘bling bling’

This evening I had my first ‘bling bling’ removed. The Nurse came in and told me to lie still.... a few seconds later and no pain, it was out.  I had to lie flat and still for 20 minutes afterwards holding the dressing securely to the removal area.

Removed ‘bling bling’