1st Day of Chemo

Today I received my new ‘bling bling’. Handled it like a pro... turn your head - breath normally - don’t talk...and it’s in.


As your lungs are very close to the vein, an x-ray is taken to ensure that it is properly placed.

New central line

Day 1 of Chemo

From the beginning of chemo you are given oral medication 3 times a day (antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, PPI gastro protection). Every evening you are given 2 supportive medication infusions.


In 4 days your immune system will be almost wiped out. 


Cyclophosphamide (Endoxan) 200mg/kg (total dose 16.6g)

Supportive Treatment: Mesna uroprotection - 3600 mg/ day with hydration 4 L/d

Prophylaxis of chemo therapy induced nausea - Aprepitant 150mg, Palonosetron 0.25mg with Dexamethasone 8 mg/d

Gastroprotection - Omeprazoke 40 mg/d

Nutritional support


Infection prophylaxis from beginning of chemo until discharge:

Levofloxacin 500 mg/d

Fluconazole 200 mg/d

Acyclovir 1200 mg/d

Co-trimoxazole 960 mg twice a day - 3 times a week

Supportive meds taken before and after meals

How did I feel

Feel a bit ‘spaced out’ but no neausea..thank goodness... a bit as if I have had a few too many drinks 😳


Got a chocolate from Doc Glenda for being a good patient. 


Neuro came and did a few tests and asked some questions.


Chemo and supportive meds

Hair Shaving

All part of the process.  Your hair falls out +- D+6 and to prevent it from interfering with your central line, it’s best to just shave it off.  Plus it feels quite liberating.


Earrings, lipstick and blusher for my walk in the garden

After effects of first day of chemo

Got an infusion for a very bad headache. Glenda made me some cheese and provitas for dinner and between having to go to the loo every 10 minutes I managed to sleep.