2nd Day of Chemo

Got up early to have a shower. Switched on the water, put some soap in my hands and closed shower door...only to realise I was still standing outside the shower 😳


Made myself a cup of tea and noticed that I was shaking uncontrollably. Rang the bell - Nurse took temp which was okay, BP was slightly raised. Dr F instructed that an infusion be given and explained that it was a reaction from the chemo and nothing to be too concerned about. 

Day 2 of Chemo 1 x Potassium, 1 x steriods, 2 x Chemo

Glenda went to the supermarket and bought some roast chicken and salad for lunch. Dessert was a piece of Jacky’s homemade crunchie. 


Very bad bad headache and neasea after today's chemo.


Meds administered that knocked me out for the night.