The Day I Get My Stem Cells Back

Today I will get my stem cells back.  I am a bit apprehensive but I am sure I will be okay.  I am not allowed to eat anything after 12. 


Just below 11am the staff began preparing the room - everything was cleaned, new linen put on the bed and I was given a blue outfit to wear. I was hooked up to an ECG machine, oxygen and a vast number of drips.

Here we go....

I asked if I was getting a sedation.... answer was no as I need to be fully awake to communicate continuously as to how I was feeling.


Dr N was in charge of the process and Dr F handled the stem cells, thawing them and handing them over to Dr N for infusion into the neck catheter.  Dr F continuously reassured me telling me to breathe and stay calm. The team of Dr N, Dr F and Anna are so professional and kind..making me feel at ease (if that is possible).  Anastasia was in charge of taking the videos and pictures as Glenda was not sure if she could watch... she proved to be very strong and watched from a distance and when I needed some support, she was there to give me the thumbs up.


The procedure took about 15 minutes ... 15 intense minutes and not one for the faint hearted. As soon as they started I experienced a taste of tomato sauce in my mouth followed by pins and needles throughout my body and intense pressure on my chest.  The pressure increased to such an extent that I actually felt as if I was going to pass out.  Dr F kept on saying another 10 seconds and then I can have a little rest... after a short rest they continued with the last bag.  During the process my vitals were continuously monitored.


Before I knew, everything was finished - I was exhausted but so happy as I now have a new baby immune system with no history of MS... Day 0 - My new birthday - 27 June 2018.  


Some rest before my Stem Cell Birthday later this afternoon.

Stem Cell Party

Time for the Stem Cell party......Glenda bought some cake, party hats and some candles.  The party was also for my stemmie sister Ivonna who is from Salt Lake City.



'New Life" pin and Ceremonial dumping of Liquid Nitogren

The Stem Cell party is a very emotional affair.  Dr F gave a very informative yet personal speech, followed by the presentation of my "new life" pin.  I then emptied the liquid nitrogen that was used to freeze my stem cells.  After a huge hug from Dr F and Anastasia and a photo opportunity, everyone tucked into the cake and sat around chatting.  I on a 'high' and feel really good.

Anastasia and Dr Fedorenko

My “New Life” pin

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