Day +1

Blood tests were taken early this morning.


Dr F came at about 11 to say my leukocytes had dropped and that it was time for isolation. Glenda and I went for a walk in the garden while the nurses prepared my room. All food items not allowed were removed from the room and fridge. The room has double doors, double windows (that don’t open) and an air purification germs allowed 😳


My stash of “vodka” personal hygiene items were delivered together with protein drinks. From now on I must wash myself with the solution marked “body” my private parts with solution marked “private” and my mouth needs to be rinsed with the pink mouth wash....yes that’s correct, no brushing of teeth.


Whilst in ISO I will receive a daily injection to get my new baby stem cells to increase and make their way from my blood stream back into my bone marrow. I have been told I might get a bit of bone pain....but that will be good as it indicates that the process is going the way it should.


My suitcases were removed and from now on I am to wear a “karate” outfit. Everyday my room will be thoroughly cleaned and I will get a change of clothing.


Glenda gave me a little “friend” to keep an eye on me since she won’t be able to visit me whilst I’m in isolation.



Hemoglobin = 103 (cells that carry oxygen Normal persons 120-160)

Leukocytes = 0,13 (cells that defend the body Normal persons 4-10)

Platelets = 47 (blood clotting Normal persons 150-400)


They expect my leukocytes to drop drastically in the next day or two so I will be taking it easy in my own little space for +10 days.. maybe less maybe more.... might leave here knowing some mean ninja moves!

Everyday my blood results will be recorded

My isolation PJ’s

Isolation essentials

My “friend”