Hemoglobin = 92

Leukocytes = 0,08 

Platelets = 29 


Platelet infusion did the trick. Still wasn't allowed to wash and dress myself and I was too weak to resist.


Wow did I get a lot of meds and blood tests done for the stomach issues. Appears to be chemo related (they say not common with the protocol they use) but can cause issues with some people.


The healthy cells in the digestive lining (mouth, including salivary glands, stomach, intestines and rectum) get damaged. Hence as my doc said “it went straight from your one mouth to out of your other mouth” very descriptive 😳😳


Here’s to another good productive day in isolation... reading, watching movies, sleeping, chatting to friends and family... STAYING POSITIVE at ALL times.

Glenda was at the hospital delivering groceries to the other patients..they send a list ranging from ketchup crisps to ice creams!!  Wish I could eat :(