Fighting fit 💪💪



Hemoglobin = 89 cells

Leukocytes = 0,24

Platelets = 39 


Leukocytes have jumped awesomely - Doc N very pleased. Once they reach +1 I can leave strict isolation. Yay, Glenda will be back. Platelets down slightly but yesterday’s result was a bit inflated due to the platelet infusion the night before.


Machines were disconnected at 11pm last night and the catheter was removed this morning. 


I am feeling so so much better today. My hair is falling out and making a big mess. No wonder they recommend you shave your hair before chemo starts, can’t imagine what a nuisance chunks of falling hair and the neck line would be.


Was hungry this morning. 1st breakfast was a piece of cheese and a half slice of bread. Instructions were to melt the cheese before eating 🙄 


Rest of the meals today weren’t to my palette 🙄

Meal that never got eaten 😳

There is no video clip yet