Treatment has officially ended.




Hemoglobin = 104

Leukocytes = 7,34

Platelets = 209

Dr N says now begins the rollercoaster ride with the leukocytes - but they are looking good. 

I had the neck catheter removed this morning. Nurse arrived too early for Glenda to video - once it was out I had to lie flat for 20 minutes afterwards. It stung a bit when the nurse was cleaning before removal but felt nothing as it was taken out ... they make them strong in Africa.

Today is a rest day, tomorrow I have an interview with doc F where all results are explained, my recovery program explained and all reports translated into English are given to me.

Raining in Moscow today.  Took some pics around the hospital and went for a short walk once the rain stopped.

Last update on my blood result chart

There is no video clip yet