Well this is my last day in Moscow.  I cannot believe that the treatment is over and I get to go home tomorrow.  What a fantastic team they have here in Moscow, I will miss them. Dr F always smiling, his hugs before he goes home in the afternoon, shy and reserved Dr N with his comment of "good luck" every morning as he leaves the room after telling you what to expect from that day's treatment.....to the caring nurses, the lunch ladies (who mutter when collecting my uneaten food) to the ladies cleaning the room and helping me with my vodka baths.


The driver collected Glenda from the Vega and brought her to the hospital at 12.


Meeting with Dr F went well. He showed me my pre-examination MRI littered with white specs. Told me that I was MS free and I need to stay positive, eat healthy and exercise.


He mentioned that besides the baterial infection, I had coped well with the treatment.  I got all my reports that had been translated into English as well as my MRI report and CD to take home.  Dr F me his business card with his personal cell phone number and email address with the instructions to message him whenever I needed to.  What doctor do you know does this??

My hero, Dr Denis Fedorenko

Last few hours in Moscow

Wow, did the afternoon drag on.......


Spent time chatting to other warriers, walking in the garden, watching movies, chatting.


Driver collected us at 19:30....wheelchair assistance through Moscow airport and onto the plane.

Leaving Aa Maximov Hospital for HSCT Moscow, Russia

The beautiful and efficient Anastasia Panchenko

Germs - my number 1 enermy....lots of hand sanitizer