D+17 - Home

Flight from Moscow to Durbai went off without a hitch.  I had to wake Glenda to go and sanitise the loo.  Last thing I want is to pick up any germs.  Dr F said it was okay to take my mask off once we were in the air but that I was to see that everything was wiped down properly and to continuously clean my hands.  I can have bottled water if it is sealed and food as long as I ask the crew to ensure that it is piping hot - also advised not the eat the veg.

Route home

Dubai - Durban

What a bargain having wheelchair assistance.  Assitance was waiting for me at the door of the plane and whisked us through passport control and through the airport, onto the train, through the next terminal and to the business lounge near our departure gate.  Poor Glenda had trouble keeping with the wheelchair....Amazed at how many people stare at someone with a bald head wearing a mask and being pushed in a wheelchair! 


Nearly all of the food in the business class lounge is exposed, so the best Glenda could come up with was nuking a slice of toast... it filled the gap.  I am still not very hungry.


I haved developed a rather nasty looking rash on my arms that is very itchy and it appears to be spreading to other parts of my body.

Arriving in Durban

There was a wheelchair waiting for me at the plane door and the kind young man got us through passport control in record time....quite a lot of black looks as we jumped the queue!  With Glenda pushing the suitcase trolley we were soon in the arrivals hall where the family were there to welcome us. I barely got the opportunity to say hi as my wheelchair was raced through the masses of people and to the vehicle...don't want to hang around arrivals hall with all those germs.

My darling grandsons, Luke and Cullen