1 Month Stem Cell Birthday

So it is 1 month since I received by stem cells and just less than 2 weeks since I have been home.


Well the rash that started on the flight home has caused me great distress.  I arms are a mess and I can't stop scratching.  I sent pics to Dr F who recommended that I get a script of cortisone.  My Neuro, Dr Ganie gave a script but also got a Dermatologist to contact me..... Trip to the Dermatologist and a biopsy taken, meds and lots of creams.  I have tried every cream that has been recommended....even tried cream that it put on cows udders!!   Dr F says it is not common for such a reaction but that it should ease as my blood work improves.


For my first bloods, the Lab sent a nurse to the house to take the samples so that I did not have to risk going to the hospital.  I sent the results to Dr F via WhatsApp and his response was that they are in line with what is expected and I need to have another test in 2 weeks time.


Spending a lot of time lying on the couch catching up on TV programmes.  Fergus takes me for a drive every now and then so that I do not get cabin fever.


Visitors to a minimum and all have to clean hands and wear a mask.


My stomach is still not 100%.  Following a neutropenic diet and drinking lots of water.

Waiting to have biopsy taken

First trip out of the house - 22 July 2018