2 Month Stem Cell Birthday

I can't believe that it is only 2 months since I received my stem cells, feels like ages ago.


The rash has finally sorted itself out.  I have a few scars on my arms as a result.  


For the second round of blood tests, I went to the hospital to have them taken, was careful not to touch anything and to wash my hands and wear a mask.  Again Dr F pleased with results.


I had a number of days where I woke up feeling very dizzy and disorientated.  I messaged Dr F who suggests that I have a full blood count and thyroid test....so off back to the hospital for more blood work.  Results showed a slight increase in infection markers and thryoid function ok.  Dr F says that as I do not have a temperature I need not worry.  


Woke up the other morning for an extremely sore big toe.  This lasted for 2 days and then the sore toe was no longer sore...I guess this is all part of the rollercoaster.


I have been going for walks everyday, try and do at least 1km, some days I have even managed 2.5km!


This last week I have gone to the office in the morning for a few hours.... easing my way back.


I am feeling stronger each day....hair starting to make an appearance but the bristles are in patches so I could look as if I have mange once it begins to grow!